Alphataurus – Alphataurus

Alphataurus – Alphataurus

A group from Milan born in 1970, Alphataurus were one of the many unknown Italian bands who suddenly had a recording deal, made an album and disappeared into oblivion. Having played in some important festivals in 1972, the group was offered by Vittorio De Scalzi of New Trolls a recording deal for his new label, Magma. Their one and only album, Alphataurus, the first on the newly born label, is a masterpiece, so well crafted and played that it seems impossible that’s been made by a group of unknowns. The singer Bavaro has a very original voice, keyboard player Pietro Pellegrini plays with competence and no self-indulgence, guitar-playing of Guido Wassermann is well cared and the rhythm section of Oliva and Santandrea creates a powerful background. The album includes five long compositions of which Peccato d’orgoglio and La mente vola are the best, the latter featuring a nice moog intro and a stunning vibes solo.

Progarchive review: Alphataurus is the only album (the other one you may find in listings is a bunch of bad quality demo tapes for a second hypothetical album) these guys released is a small classic in Italian prog, and it came with an impressive triple gatefold depicting the horrors of war ion a strange planet.

The 12 min+ opener gives the tone for the rest of the album giving you a delightful cross of early Crimson, VDGG and ELP with some of the best Italian vocals. The second track follows suit even if it sounds a bit derived of a few Golden Earring tracks (Eight Miles High and the eponymous album AKA Wall Of Dolls), but is definitely endearing because of those seldom heard influences. Croma is a short instrumental track that will remind the Theme One VDGG track. Side 2 starts with a slow evolving synth line as a lenghty intro, but once the track gets under way, it does not seem to get a life of its own maybe the weakest track on the album. As for the closing track, it is maybe the most typically Italian prog track on this record and shows their inventivity at its fullest extent with a superbly syncopated middle section. Vinyl Magic (cat # V M 051) made a special effort to respect the original artwork sleeve but should’ve added 1cm to the sleeve size because it is very hard to pull the disc without risking ripping the sleeve apart. I was thinking of sending a copy of the artwork sleeve to Dubya (W) to let him think of his actions in Irak, but since we all know he does not think……. One of my favourite albums in the genre. –by Sean Trane


Alphataurus Tracklist

  1.  Peccato d’orgoglio (0:00)
  2.  Dopo l’uragano (12:23)
  3.  Croma (17:12)
  4.  La mente vola (20:30)
  5.  Ombra muta (29:52)


Line-up / Musicians
– Michele Bavaro / vocals
– Alfonso Olive / bass
– Pietro Pellegrini / keyboards
– Giorgio Santanderea / drums
– Guido Wasserman / guitar


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