Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica

Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica

Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica is the second studio album by New Age artist Andreas Vollenweider, released in 1983. It is almost entirely instrumental. It was the direct followup to Vollenweider’s breakthrough album, Behind the Gardens.

Amazon: New age nomenclature was still a trial balloon when Swiss “electro-harpist” Andreas Vollenweider’s fanciful, seductive instrumental recordings began casting their spell in the early ’80s, and if the music’s title imagery often suggested veiled allusions to medieval magic or Tolkien on acid, the music itself remains hard to denigrate. Vollenweider’s plangent, warmly intoned leads serve as the armature for the lush textures and percussive filigree of his ensembles, and if the compositions are modest, the execution remains charming. The diminutive harpist’s impact on subsequent, more solemn new age and instrumental pop has proven outsized, too. –Sam Sutherland

AMG review:  Although Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica was his second album, this 1983 release is what put Andreas Vollenweider on the space music map. The music is lightly jazzy, performed on modified harp, “rhythmanatomic acousticolors and UFO,” and drums, with vocal colorings which come and go. From the delightful title track through the sublime “La Paix Verde,” this work is still as current and enjoyable as it was eight years ago. –by Rovi


Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica Tracklist

  1.  “Caverna Magica” 3:52
  2.  “Mandragora” 3:03
  3.  “Lunar Pond” 2:18
  4.  “Schajah Saretosh” 3:17
  5.  “Sena Stanjéna?” 2:28
  6.  “Belladonna” 5:21
  7.  “Angóh!” 2:45
  8.  “Huiziopochtli” 5:06
  9.  “Con Chiglia” 2:49
  10.  “Geastrum Coronatum” 1:43
  11.  “La Paix Verde” 0:48

1984  The Billboard 200 149
1984  Top Jazz Albums 8

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica

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