Anekdoten – Until All the Ghosts Are Gone

After their first two albums, very much in the style of King Crimson with some heavy Progressive Rock sound, the band has drift away a bit, by bringing down their sound with more peaceful songs on their last albums. The music contain that melancholic feel with long instrumental break and some vocals that are use more in the background of the music. The CD start with the heavy style of their first album with the song “Shooting Star”, you can even hear at the end the Opeth influence. But after this song, the band is back with some more peaceful music that still use a good dose of mellotron, flute played at a slow pace. As a whole Until All The Ghosts Are Gone is a stunning achievement, an album that can sit proudly alongside anything in the bands past. Fans who prefer the first two albums may have wished for more along the lines of Our Days Are Numbered but with no weak tracks I can’t fault it. I’d be very surprised if this is not in the top ten albums of the year here on PA, so highly regarded is this great band.

– Nicklas Barker / vocals, guitar, Mellotron, keyboards
– Anna Sofi Dahlberg / vocals, Mellotron, violin, synthesizers
– Jan Erik Liljeström / vocals, bass guitar
– Peter Nordins / drums, percussion

– Per Wiberg (ex-Opeth) / keyboards
– Theo Travis (King Crimson, Steven Wilson) / saxophone, flute
– Marty Wilson-Piper (The Church, All About Eve) / guitars


Anekdoten – Until All the Ghosts Are Gone Tracklist

1. Shooting Star (00:00)
2. Get Out Alive (10:10)
3. If It All Comes Down to You (17:42)
4. Writing On the Wall (23:35)
5. Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (32:36)
6. Our Days Are Numbered (37:40)

Anekdoten - Until All the Ghosts Are Gone

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