Asaf Avidan – Through The Gale

Asaf Avidan – Through The Gale Asaf Avidan – Through The Gale is the story of a captain leading his crew over troubled water is told here by Asaf Avidan and The Mojos in their new 2010 concept album. The songs, accordingly are dealing with the difficulties and full of images taked from the sea world. This is kind of a come back to the 60’s and 70’s concept albums, what is called Progressive Rock, which is tightly kept all along the album 8 tracks. This is definitely a diging [rocess into styles like Progressive, Psychedelia and Avantgarde, much more complexed than the Rythem & Blues of the Mojo’s early works. Surely, this is an honest, true trial to create a superb musical story, which will appeal to the more complexed music fans.

AMG: Israeli folk-rock musician Asaf Avidan was born in Jerusalem on March 23, 1980, and grew up in places like Jamaica and New York. In 2006, he recorded his debut EP, Now That You’re Leaving, a six-track record dealing with his breakup with his long-term girlfriend. To promote the self-released EP, Avidan put together a backing group (featuring bassist Ran Nir, drummer Yoni Sheleg, guitarist Roi Peled, and cellist Hadas Kleinman) and went on to perform as Asaf Avidan & the Mojos. Avidan’s first full-length album, The Reckoning, followed in 2008, followed by Poor Boy/Lucky Man in 2009. A licensing deal with Sony/Columbia resulted in official European re-releases of both albums in 2010 and 2011, respectively. After their third album, 2010’s Through the Gale, the Mojos disbanded to pursue several solo projects…. In 2012… Avidan released a new album entitled Different Pulses.


Asaf Avidan – Through The Gale Tracklist

  1.  “Hoist Up the Colors!”
  2.  “Through the Gale”
  3.  “The Sirens & the Sea”
  4.  “At the Edge of the Map”
  5.  “Sailors Are We”
  6.  “Poseidon’s Fury Unleashed”
  7.  “Oh Western Wind”
  8.  “Turn of the Tides Under the Northern Lights”

Asaf Avidan - Through The Gale

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