Tom Demalon ‘The eagerly awaited follow-up to the supergroup’s debut, Alpha landed with a resounding thud a year later. The album still managed to be a platinum-selling Top Ten hit, as did the leadoff single “Don’t Cry,” but where Asia managed to make old sounds fresh, Alpha fails miserably. Nothing on Alpha packs the sheer sonic force of the band’s debut. Instead, much of the record is lightweight both lyrically and musically, leaning heavier on keyboard-laden ballads like “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” which managed to scrape into the Top 40, and “My Own Time (I’ll Do What I Want).” The only real meat on the record comes during the last cut, “Open Your Eyes” (and only at the end of the song). Rumored creative differences, the album’s lukewarm reception, and flagging ticket sales for the ensuing tour led to lead singer John Wetton leaving the band before the year was out. Alpha is sorely disappointing, especially coming on the heels of a promising debut.’

Geoff Downes – keyboards
Steve Howe – guitars
Carl Palmer – drums
John Wetton – vocals and bass guitars


Asia – Alpha Tracklist

1. “Don’t Cry” 3:41
2. “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” 3:13
3. “Never in a Million Years” 3:46
4. “My Own Time (I’ll Do What I Want)” 4:49
5. “The Heat Goes On” 5:00
6. “Eye to Eye” 3:14
7. “The Last to Know” 4:40
8. “True Colors” 3:53
9. “Midnight Sun” 3:48
10. “Open Your Eyes” 6:26

Asia - Alpha

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