Asura – Life²

Asura – Life² Undoubtedly the most mature Asura release to date, Asura – Life² is a stunning musical journey from beginning to end. The flow of the album is natural and effortless, starting with the massive Golgotha, then seamlessly flowing through relaxing atmospheres (such as the Galaxies) as well as the more aggressive goa-influenced pieces (the title track, for instance), and ending with the beautiful, contemplative La Chanson De Carla. From the grandness of Golgotha to beautiful orchestral arrangements on The Prophecy and then not to forget the spaced ambient progressive of Celestial Tendencies, Butterfly FX and Life². I really enjoyed how Charles takes his time to evolve the sound-scapes giving them more texture and space. He is in no hurry, even on the faster tracks, taking his time to build and grow the tunes.This album is really a journey and every track is a floating station providing rich experiences and eventually leading to new directions. It really has to be heard in its full to really feel the magical trip Asura waits to take us on!


Asura – Life² Tracklist

  1. Golgotha (0:00) 6.12
  2.  Back To Light (6:12) 7.16
  3.  Galaxies Part One (album edit) (13:28) 8.15
  4.  Celestial Tendencies (21:43) 9.07
  5.  The Prophecy (30:50) 7.28
  6.  Five Lines (38:19) 9.32
  7.  Life² (47:50) 7.49
  8.  Galaxies Part Two (55:39) 10.34
  9.  Butterfly FX (1:06:14) 6.27
  10.  La Chanson de Carla (1:12:41) 4.56

Asura - Life²

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