Buffalo Springfield – Retrospective

Buffalo Springfield – Retrospective

      Steven Stolder: ‘Only a handful of bands have made a greater impact with fewer recordings than the short-lived Buffalo Springfield. Their history is told in the titles of their three albums: 1967’s eponymous debut was followed by the peak-performance Again later that year, which was followed by 1968’s Last Time Around. While their entire recorded career encompasses a mere two years, the Stephen Stills-Neil Young-Richie Furay-led quintet produced a number of ’60s rock classics. Stills chipped in “For What It’s Worth” and “Bluebird”; Furay’s “Kind Woman” is one of the touchstones of country-rock; and Young fired off the likes of the raucous “Mr. Soul,” the gentle “I Am a Child,” the ambitious “Broken Arrow,” and the breathtakingly pretty “Expecting to Fly.” They’re all on this 12-song overview, a suitable option for anyone who isn’t up to stocking up on the entire catalog.’

Release Date: 1969
Duration: 39:44
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Country-Rock – Folk-Rock – Psychedelic/Garage – Rock & Roll


Buffalo Springfield – Retrospective Tracklist

1 For What It Is Worth 2:36
2 Mr Soul 2:43
3 Sit Down I Think I Love You 2:34
4 Kind Woman 4:15
5 Bluebird 4:28
6 On The Way Home 2:26
7 Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing 3:28
8 Broken Arrow 6:13
9 Rock & Roll Woman 2:45
10 I Am A Child 2:22
11 Go and Say Goodbye 2:19
12 Expecting to Fly 3:39

Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective

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