Cafe del Mar – Vol 9

Cafe del Mar – Vol 9

AMG Review: ┬áThe popular Cafe del Mar series returns with Vol. 9, compiled by longtime curator DJ Bruno. As with the series’ other volumes, this collection features plenty of atmospheric chill-out music, including Lovers Lane’s “Island Memories,” which sports a bassline uncannily similar to that of Grandmaster Flash’s “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”; Kalliope’s appropriately spaced-out “Lunar Landings”; Quantic’s jazzy, subterranean “Time Is the Enemy”; and Troya’s surprisingly intricate “Rue de Solieil,” which stands out amongst the ambient washes that make up most of the album. Occasionally, some of the slicker tracks, such as Jo Manji’s “Beyond the Sunset,” veer a little too close to the aural wallpaper of soft jazz for comfort, but on the whole, Cafe del Mar – Vol 9 is a solid, sophisticated addition to the rest of the series. –by Heather Phares


Cafe del Mar – Vol 9 Tracklist
01. Jo Manji – “Beyond the Sunset” 00:00
02. Lovers Lane – “Island Memories” (Original Mix) 05:45
03. Blank & Jones – “Desire” (Ambient Mix) 11:07
04. Kalliope – “Lunar Landings” **Youtube has blocked this song
05. So Fine – “A Day in the Sun” 20:08
06. Miro – “The Cure” (Sunshine Mix) 24:58
07. Rue du Soleil – “Troya” 30:33
08. Soft Wave – “Plenitude Part 2” 37:39
09. CDM – “Many Rivers to Cross” 43:30
10. Quantic – “Time Is the Enemy” 48:55
11. Trio Mafua — “Quente” 52:49
12. Lazybatusu – “8.00 AM” 56:57
13. Swen G* feat. Inusa – “Morning Light” (Coffee Shop Remix) 01:03:17
14. Digitano & CDM – “Rajamanta” [Interactive Track for Win and Mac] 01:11:28

Cafe del Mar - Vol 9

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