Category: Jazz Rock

Quiet Sun – Mainstream

Quiet Sun – Mainstream       Ted Mills: ‘ Phil Manzanera’s pre-Roxy Music group never got to release their first attempt at an album, but in a break from Roxy in 1974, Manzanera regrouped the band and put out this effort: Quiet Sun – Mainstream, recorded at the same time as his solo extravaganza, […]

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Herbie Hancock – Mr Funk

Herbie Hancock – Mr Funk ‘Andy Kellman’ Opening with the Head Hunters version of “Watermelon Man” and closing with the electro-embracing crossover hit, “Rockit,” Mr. Funk is a semi-random skip across Hancock’s Columbia recordings, and it technically spans 1973-1983 (at least going by release dates), rather than the 1972-1988 range printed on its cover. Its […]

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Colosseum – Valentyne Suite

Colosseum – Valentyne Suite Chris Nickson: “One of England’s prime jazz-rock — or, more accurately, rock-jazz — outfits, most of the members of Colossuem had apprenticed in blues bands, and it shows very strongly on some of the material here. Both “The Kettle” and “Butty’s Blues” are essentially tarted-up 12-bar blues, although they work well […]

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