David Bowie – Heroes

David Bowie – Heroes

    Stephen Thomas Erlewine: ‘Repeating the formula of Low’s half-vocal/half-instrumental structure, Heroes develops and strengthens the sonic innovations David Bowie and Brian Eno explored on their first collaboration. The vocal songs are fuller, boasting harder rhythms and deeper layers of sound. Much of the harder-edged sound of Heroes is due to Robert Fripp’s guitar, which provides a muscular foundation for the electronics, especially on the relatively conventional rock songs. Similarly, the instrumentals on Heroes are more detailed, this time showing a more explicit debt to German synth pop and European experimental rock. Essentially, the difference between Low and Heroes lies in the details, but the record is equally challenging and groundbreaking.’


David Bowie – Heroes Tracklist

1. Beauty and the Beast 00:00
2. Joe the Lion 3:35
3. “Heroes” 6:42
4. Sons of the Silent Age 12:52
5. Blackout 16:12
6. V-2 Schneider 20:02
7. Sense of Doubt 23:13
8. Moss Garden 27:18
9. Neuköln 32:17
10. The Secret Life of Arabia 36:50

David Bowie - Heroes

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