David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees

David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees

      Produced by Sylvian with Steve Nye, it was his first full length release after the break-up of his band Japan in late 1982. The album peaked at no.4 in the UK, the highest chart position of Sylvian’s career to date. It also contained his biggest solo hit, “Red Guitar”, which reached no.17 on the UK Singles Chart. Additional musicians on this record included Danny Thompson on acoustic bass and Ryuichi Sakamoto on keyboards. Sylvian and Sakamoto had previously collaborated on the singles “Bamboo Houses” and “Forbidden Colours”, and continued to collaborate at various points in their careers. While ‘Secrets of the Beehive’ is perhaps the better album, ‘Brilliant Trees’ is the most like Japan, hardly surprising given that it was Sylvian’s first solo album following Japan’s breakup. This is probably the most pop-oriented solo album as well. Any fan of Japan will be pleased to have this for listening

David Sylvian – lead vocals, guitar, piano (treated), tapes, synthesizer, percussion instruments
Steve Jansen – drums, synthesizer, percussion
Holger Czukay – French horn, voice, guitar, dictaphone.
Wayne Braithwaite – bass guitar tracks A1, A4
Ronny Drayton, Phil Palmer – guitar tracks A1, A4
Richard Barbieri – synthesizer track A1, B1
Danny Thompson – double bass track A2
Kenny Wheeler – flugelhorn tracks A2, A3
Steve Nye – synthesizer tracks A3, A4
Ryuichi Sakamoto – synthesizer, piano track A4, B1, B3
Mark Isham, Jon Hassell- trumpet


David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees Tracklist

  1. “Pulling Punches” – 5:02
  2. “The Ink in the Well” – 4:30
  3. “Nostalgia” – 5:41
  4. “Red Guitar” – 5:09
  5. “Weathered Wall” (Sylvian/Jon Hassell) – 5:44
  6. “Backwaters” – 4:52
  7. “Brilliant Trees” (Sylvian/Hassell) – 8:39

David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees

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