Deru – 1979

Deru – 1979

1979 is a living time capsule
1979 is a perpetual relic
1979 is a collective, beating heart
1979 is a breathing human record
1979 is a meditation on nostalgia
1979 is my fifth studio album
1979 is the year I was born

There’s not a doubt in my mind that memory is our greatest gift. Our memories give us access to time, to identity, to dreams. I have long explored memories through stories and songs, documenting them in order to share them further. But as the speed of documentation began overtaking the time I used to fill with remembering, I knew I needed to take a step back.
1979 is a celebration of memory in its essential, shared nature. Guided by the wisdom of Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden, discoverer of the Nine Pure Tones, we constructed 1979 as a concept album through which we could share not only his brilliant theory, but also our true love of memory.
– Deru


Deru – 1979 Tracklist

  1. 00:00 1979
  2. 04:52 Let The Silence Float
  3. 09:34 Addictive Yearning
  4. 13:21 Three Cheers For Existence
  5. 18:39 Drink It In
  6. 22:50 Pathologically Bored
  7. 26:45 Black Beach (Tape Version)
  8. 31:44 The Future Never Comes
  9. 36:32 Midnight In The Garden With Ghosts

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