Drake – Nothing Was The Same

Drake – Nothing Was The Same

     Tim Sendra: ‘After an EP and two albums that firmly established his moody, introspective style and made him a huge star, Drake’s third album, Nothing Was the Same, isn’t a huge departure but it does take some steps in new directions. Built around sped-up samples and Wu-Tang-inspired, spooky loops, the production retains the same basic style, but is a little deeper and more foreboding. Provided mostly by longtime collaborator Noah “40” Shebib, the backing is suitably melancholic and claustrophobic enough to match Drake’s main lyrical themes of angry boasting, dealing with a broken heart, and being disillusioned by the lifestyle his fame has brought him. This time out, Drake adds to his list of family issues, as a couple tracks deal with re-establishing a relationship with his father and worrying about his mom. …. . As far as this album goes, though, it’s not much fun but it is worth exploring if you’ve been following Drake’s progression up till now. Drake – Nothing Was The Same doesn’t show large amounts of growth, but the small changes to the sound and the slightly wider net his lyrics cast make it worthwhile. Plus, there aren’t many other rappers who do gloom as well as Drake and that’s something worth supporting, if only because it’s something different than the hip-hop norm in 2013.’


Drake – Nothing Was The Same Tracklist

01 “Tuscan Leather” 0:00:16 – 0:06:20
02 “Furthest Thing” 0:06:21 – 0:10:55
03 “Started From The Bottom” 0:10:57 – 0:13:50
04 “Wu-Tang Forever” 0:13:54 – 0:17:29
05 “Own It” 0:17:35 – 0:21:47
06 “Worst Behavior” 0:21:50 – 0:26:17
07 “From Time” 0:26:26 – 0:31:44
08 “Hold On, We’re Going Home” 0:31:49 – 0:35:35
09 “Connect” 0:35:40 – 0:40:34
10 “The Language” 0:40:40 – 0:45:24
11 “305 To My City” (Feat. Detail) 00:44:26 – 0:48:37
12 “Too Much” 0:46:45 – 0:53:00
13 “Pound Cake” (Feat. Jay-Z)/”Paris Morton Music 2″ 0:53:05 – 0:59:59
14. Come Thru 1:00:26 – 1:04:23

Drake - Nothing Was The Same

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