Druid – Toward The Sun

Druid – Toward The Sun

AMG Review:¬†Although it’s not on the same level as the best progressive bands — the drums and keyboards are not really up to the challenge presented by the guitars — this album has been rather unfairly written off by some music critics. Their debut begins with their strongest composition: “Voices,” whose multiple movements, chorus lyrics of “a million voices singing,” broad washes of mellotron, and alternating guitar tones make it sound like an outtake from Yes’s “The Ancient.” The instrumental “Theme” has some fine jazz-prog sax soloing over a lush backing, and “Dawn of Evening” has a wonderfully taut bassline march pushed to the front of the mix. — by Paul Collins


Druid – Toward The Sun Tracklist

1. Voices (8:14)
2. Remembering (5:24)
3. Theme (5:26)
4. Toward the Sun (5:08)
5. Red Carpet for an Autumn (3:09)
6. Dawn of Evening (10:03)
7. Shangri-La (10:08)

Total Time: 47:32

– Neil Brewer / bass
– Dane / guitars, vocals
– Andrew McCrorie-Shand / keyboards
– Cedric Sharpley / drums and percussions

Druid - Toward The Sun

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