Eddie Cochran – The Best Of

Eddie Cochran – The Best Of

“Although Eddie Cochran was only 21 when he died, he left a lasting mark as a rock and roll pioneer. Cochran zeroed in on teenage angst and desire with such classics as “C’mon Everybody,” “Something Else,” “Twenty Flight Rock” and “Summertime Blues.” A flashy stage dresser with a tough-sounding voice, Cochran epitomized the sound and the stance of the Fifties rebel rocker. But he was also a virtuoso guitarist, overdubbing parts like Les Paul even on his earliest singles and playing with an authority that led music journalist Bruce Eder to pronounce him “rock’s first high-energy guitar hero, the forerunner to Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Duane Allman and, at least in terms of dexterity, Jimi Hendrix.” Cochran was also proficient on piano, bass and drums.”

Amazon.com: One of Rock and Roll’s first “legends” Eddie Cochran was an early performer of rockabilly music and one of its most exciting and dynamic guitar players. Over the years, Eddie’s records have remained popular and is now recognized worldwide as one of the most important figures of pre-Beatles music. This 2 CD collection features the hits ‘C’mon Everybody’, ‘Weekend’, ‘Summertime Blues’, ‘Sweetie Pie’ & ‘Somethin’ Else’ among others. EMI Gold. 2005.


Eddie Cochran – The Best Of Tracklist

  1. Summertime blues(00:00)
  2. C´mon everybody (01:54)
  3. Twenty fligh rock(03:47)
  4. Jeannie jeannie (05:28)
  5. Something else (07:46)
  6. Weekend(09:48)
  7. Cut across shorty(11:36)
  8. Sweet pie(13:23)
  9. Three steps to heaven(15:29)
  10. Teenage heaven(17:45)
  11. Drive in show(19:51)
  12. My way
  13. Theresa
  14. Sittin in the balcony
  15. Lonely
  16. Hallelujah i love her so

Eddie Cochran - The Best OfEddie Cochran

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