Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs

Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs

2011 album from the Pearl Jam frontman. Ukulele Songs is a collection of original songs and covers performed by Vedder on ukulele. Featuring a number of songs that Vedder penned and first played live but never released nearly a decade ago, Ukulele Songs also includes a uke version of Pearl Jam’s 2002 track “Can’t Keep” and guest vocalists on two tracks: Glen Hansard on “Sleepless Nights” and Cat Power on “Tonight You Belong To Me.”
The covers here are lovely, particularly the lighthearted “Tonight You Belong to Me” and the wistful “Sleepless Nights.” On both, Eddie’s voice works perfectly with the guest vocalists, avoiding the feeling of forced-collaboration that often afflicts these type of duets. “Dream a Little Dream” is a nice way to finish the album, a minute-and-a-half rendition of the timeless classic that features Eddie channeling his inner Tom Waits. But the real treasures here are Eddie’s original songs. These are songs of love and loss, and for anyone who has ever gone through either, they are simply heartbreaking. On “Once in a While,” he laments: “Once in a while will you try to give one little thought to me? / Though someone else may be nearer to your heart, / Will you dream of the moments I shared with you / Before we drifted apart?”. Anyone who has ever lost love too soon can certainly identify. On “Without You,” the sentiments are just as painful: “I’ll keep on healing all the scars that we’ve collected from the start. / I’d rather this than live without you.” Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those who have a longing for intimate, stripped down, breathtaking music, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs Tracklist

1 Can’t Keep 0:06
2 Sleeping by Myself 2:41
3 Without You 4:35
4 More Than You Know 7:54
5 Goodbye 10:22
6 Broken Heart 12:46
7 Satellite 15:22
8 Longing to Belong 17:50
9 Hey Fahkah 20:28
10 You’re True 20:37
11 Light Today 24:15
12 Sleepless Nights 26:42
13 Once in a While 29:21
14 Waving Palms 31:08
15 Tonight You Belong to Me 31:43
16 Dream a Little Dream 33:25

Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs

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