Elbow – Leaders of the Free World

Elbow – Leaders of the Free World     

     MacKenzie Wilson: ‘When Doves headed to the studio for the recording of their third album, 2005’s Some Cities, they returned home to Manchester. With that kind of scenic inspiration and emotional attachment, Some Cities resulted in Doves’ best of their career at that moment. It is mere coincidence that their musical mates, Elbow, have done the same for their third album, Leaders of the Free World. Such a coincidence is a bit comforting in the respect that Elbow do not stray from what they have previously done. Despite being cast as a gloomy bunch on their first two albums — 2001’s Asleep in the Back and 2004’s Cast of Thousands — Elbow trudge on as an emotional band. Singer/songwriter Guy Garvey doesn’t wallow in failed relationships as much as he enjoys being cynical and playful about the world around him. Sure, Elbow’s more melodic, pensive moments such as “The Stops” and “The Everthere” are classic heartbreakers, with piano-driven melodies lush in melancholic acoustic guitars and Garvey’s somber disposition. Leaders of the Free World really comes to life when Elbow give in, allowing these songs to grow into something glorious. … Elbow are a great band regardless of what it takes for them to find their footing. Leaders of the Free World is a bit more rock & roll than not, with guts and heart, because Elbow have finally embraced their powerful, surrounding space this time out.’


Elbow – Leaders of the Free World Tracklist

1. “Station Approach”
2. “Mexican Standoff”
3. “The Everthere”
4. “The Stops”
5. “Leaders of the Free World”
6. “Picky Bugger”
7. “McGreggor”
8. “Great Expectations”
9. “Forget Myself”
10. “Puncture Repair”

Elbow - Leaders of the Free World

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