Eric Dolphy – Out To Lunch!

Eric Dolphy – Out To Lunch!

      Steve Huey: ‘ Out to Lunch stands as Eric Dolphy’s magnum opus, an absolute pinnacle of avant-garde jazz in any form or era. Its rhythmic complexity was perhaps unrivaled since Dave Brubeck’s Time Out, and its five Dolphy originals — the jarring Monk tribute “Hat and Beard,” the aptly titled “Something Sweet, Something Tender,” the weirdly jaunty flute showcase “Gazzelloni,” the militaristic title track, the drunken lurch of “Straight Up and Down” — were a perfect balance of structured frameworks, carefully calibrated timbres, and generous individual freedom. Much has been written about Dolphy’s odd time signatures, wide-interval leaps, and flirtations with atonality. And those preoccupations reach their peak on Out to Lunch, which is less rooted in bop tradition than anything Dolphy had ever done. But that sort of analytical description simply doesn’t do justice to the utterly alien effect of the album’s jagged soundscapes. ….  Meanwhile, Dolphy’s stuttering vocal-like effects and oddly placed pauses often make his bass clarinet lines sound like they’re tripping over themselves. Just as the title Out to Lunch suggests, this is music that sounds like nothing so much as a mad gleam in its creator’s eyes.’


Eric Dolphy – Out To Lunch! Tracklist

  1. 00:00 Hat and Beard
  2. 08:23 Something Sweet, Something Tender
  3. 14:27 Gazzelloni
  4. 21:51 Out to Lunch
  5. 34:00 Straight Up and Down

Release Date: February 25, 1964
Duration: 42:04
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde Jazz – Post-Bop – Jazz Instrument – Saxophone Jazz

Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch!

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