Stephen Thomas Erlewine: ‘The notorious sloppiness of the Faces was apparent on their debut, almost moreso on the cover than on the music, as the group was stilled billed as the Small Faces on this 1970 debut although without Steve Marriott in front, and with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood in tow, they were no longer Small. They were now larger than life, or at least mythic, because it’s hard to call an album that concludes with a riotous ode to a hand-me-down suit as larger than life. That was the charm of the Faces, a group who always seemed like the boys next door made good, no matter where next door was……. That can also be heard and Rod and Woody’s “Around the Plynth,” or “Three Button Hand Me Down,” which is ragged rocking at its finest. Combine that with Ronnie Lane and Ian McLagan finding their ways as songwriters in the wake of the Small Faces’ mod implosion, and this goes in even more directions. Lane unveils his gentle, folky side on “Stone,” McLagan kicks in “Looking Out the Window” and “Three Button Hand Me Down.” All these are moments that are good, often great, but the record doesn’t quite gel, yet that doesn’t quite matter. The Faces is a band that proves that sometimes loose ends are as great as tidiness, that living in the moment is what’s necessary, and this Faces – First Step is a record filled with individual moments, each one to be savored.’

Release Date 1970
Duration: 47::13
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Album Rock – British Invasion – British Psychedelia – Hard Rock


Faces – First Step Tracklist

1. Wicked Messenger 0:00
2. Devotion 4:05
3. Shake, Shudder 9:49
4. Stone 13:03
5. Around The Plynth 18:40
6. Flying 24:32
7. Pineapple And The Monkey 28:47
8. Nobody Knows 33:09
9. Looking Out The Window 37:12
10. Three Button Hand Me Down 42:13

Faces - First Step

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