Four Tet – Rounds

      John Bush: ‘For his solo projects, Fridge’s Kieran Hebden is a lo-fi experimentalist who, had he been recording 15 years ago, would’ve been cranking out songs on a four-track recorder instead of a laptop. As demonstrated on his third record, Rounds, he’s one of the few musicians capturing all the promise inherent in computer science — being able to summon, manipulate, and mix any sound imaginable. The record offers something for nearly every audience that could approach it, with a bit of a groove for electronic fans, an obtuse sense of music-making for experimentalists, and a dreamy melodicism sure to endear it to indie pop fans. The opener, “Hands,” is especially breathtaking: it begins with a few seconds of drum samples, surgically inserted and ill-timed, but opens into a warm, melodic production with a simple frame-kit beat outlining Hebden’s guitar-and-keyboard atmospherics. “My Angel Rocks Back and Forth” features a music box melody playing against softly shaded, backmasked guitar and a subdued, grating percussion line reminiscent of an iron lung. The nine-minute “Unspoken” alternates guitar and piano playing the same beatific melody, over another simple beat and tambourine claps. Though Four Tet – Rounds is experimental by nature, Kieran Hebden’s gift for melody and emotional shading allows his records to be enjoyed by an audience wider than merely experimental listeners.’


Four Tet – Rounds Tracklist

1 Hands 5:41
2 She Moves She 4:42
3 First Thing 1:14
4 My Angel Rocks Back and Forth 5:07
5 Spirit Fingers 3:22
6 Unspoken 9:31
7 Chia 0:33
8 As Serious as Your Life 4:49
9 And They All Look Broken Hearted 5:10
10 Slow Jam 5:18

Four Tet - Rounds

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