Garbage – Garbage

Garbage – Garbage

Garbage is the debut album by alternative rock group Garbage. It was released in the late summer and autumn of 1995 worldwide. “Stupid Girl” was nominated Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group in the 1997 Grammy Awards.
The band was considered innovative for its fusion of pop melodies with alternative rock, trip-hop and electronica genres and its use of loops and sampling.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine: ‘Garbage’s self-titled debut has all the trappings of alternative rock — off-kilter arrangements, occasional bursts of noise, a female singer with a thin, airy voice — but it comes off as pop, thanks to the glossy production courtesy of drummer Butch Vig. Not only is the sound of the record slick and professional, but all the tracks are well-crafted pop songs. Unfortunately, only a handful of the songs are memorable, but those that are — “Vow” and “Queer,” in particular — are small, trashy alternative pop gems.’

1. Supervixen [00:00]
2. Queer [03:55]
3. Only Happy When It Rains [08:33]
4. As Heaven Is Wide [12:30]
5. Not My Idea [17:25]
6. A Stroke of Luck [21:10]
7. Vow [25:54]
8. Stupid Girl [30:25]
9. Dog New Tricks [34:44]
10. My Lover’s Box [38:43]
11. Fix Me Now [42:40]
12. Milk [47:23]

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