George Harrison – Best of Dark Horse

George Harrison – Best of Dark Horse

Best of Dark Horse 1976–1989 is George Harrison’s second official compilation album and was released in 1989. It follows up on both his successful comeback album Cloud Nine in 1987 and the Harrison-led Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 the following year, also a big seller. George material. Favorites of mine include: Gone Troppo (1982), Got My Mind Set on You (1987), Cheer Down (1989), That’s The Way it Goes (1982) and more.. There are the usual big hits like, “Blow Away” and “Got My Mind Set On You”, but there were plenty of other songs that were just more than quaint; these being “Crackerbox Palace”, a lovely ditty and “Here Comes The Moon”. Another big plus is the formerly unattainable “Cheer Down”; a great song previously only available on a soundtrack. Specially for this release, Harrison recorded two new songs—”Poor Little Girl” and “Cockamamie Business”—while also including his Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack song “Cheer Down” for good measure.


George Harrison – Best of Dark Horse Tracklist

01. 00:00 “Poor Little Girl”
02. 04:32 “Blow Away”
03. 08:32 “That’s the Way It Goes”
04. 12:05 “Cockamamie Business”
05. 17:21 “Wake Up My Love”
06. 20:53 “Life Itself”
07. 25:18 “Got My Mind Set on You”
08. 29:09 “Crackerbox Palace”
09. 33:06 “Cloud 9”
10. 36:22 “Here Comes the Moon”
11. 40:29 “Gone Troppo”
12. 44:53 “When We Was Fab”
13. 48:50 “Love Comes to Everyone” (Single Edit)
14. 52:32 “All Those Years Ago”
15. 56:17 “Cheer Down”

George Harrison - Best of Dark Horse

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