Glue Trip – Glue Trip

      novomundo: ‘Experimental and psychedelic pop of Lucas and Felipe comes from João Pessoa, capital of the Paraíba state in the Northeast of Brazil. Eight titles alternately hallucinogenic, bright, clammy. Eight ” trips ” matured in the saving twilight of Lucas’ s Home-Studio, apartemento 307. Little by little comes out since 2012 this synthesis between a tropical Brazilian pop with Californian psychedelic volutes and lascivious grooves. If the music pulls its roots of an innovative and local pop initiated in the 70’s (Secos and Molhados, Os Mutantes, Lo Borges, Ze Ramalho), the group avoids any passeism and considers itself well anchored in its time. The choice of English strengthens the pop dimension of the project which reaches summits of grace with titles as ” Lucid dream ” and ” New places to start “‘.


Glue Trip Tracklist

1. La Edad Del Futuro (0:00)
2. Old Blood (5:00)
3. Lucid Dream (10:37)
4. Birds Singing Lies (16:51)
5. New Place To Start (22:45)
6. Solomon (27:44)
7. Tropikaos (32:57)
8. Elbow Pain (39:21)

Glue Trip

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Electronic, Latin



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