Happy The Man – Crafty Hands

Happy The Man – Crafty Hands

Amazon.com: HAPPY THE MAN is a superb american Progressive rock group, creating a hyper refined and elaborated music with lots of breaks and tempo changes, showing a rare instrumental richness (Two keyboards, saxophone, flute, guitar, vocals & percussions) and remarkable talents of composers. The Musea remastered reissues from the two first official albums present a music between Progressive rock and Canterbury style, with complex and captivating writting, full of permanent surprises which make the eponymous opus (1977) and “Happy The Man – Crafty Hands” (1978) real successes. Catch them as fast as you can !

progarchives.com: HAPPY THE MAN was one of America’s premier progressive rock bands in the seventies. They set the standard for truly progressive rock coming from that continent during that time. Unfortunately they only released two official albums. The keyboard player Kit Watkins are also known for his work with CAMEL and drummer Ron Riddle was BLUE OYSTER CULT’s drummer from 1986 to 1991. Stanley Whitaker can be found on the guest appearance list on the excellent TEN JINN album “As On A Darkling Plain” (Record Heaven 1999). This album: Happy The Man – Crafty Hands was initially released in 1978 by Arista, and it’s a real masterpiece and one of the best albums to have come out in the seventies. The music is mainly instrumental, complex and constantly changing progressive rock. It’s guitar dominated even though all the musicians are highly technical skilled virtuosos. If you need a comparison you can imagine a mix between CAMEL, GENESIS, GENTLE GIANT, KING CRIMSON, MIRTHRANDIR and YES. The highlights are the opening masterpiece “Service With A Smile”, “Ibby It Is” (who tells the musical story of a surrealistic cartoon character who wanted to become a real person), the only vocal track “Wind Up Doll Day Wind” and “I Forgot To Push It”. If you haven’t heard this album before you just have to buy it! If you had the slightest idea of how magnificent it is, you would’ve already had it in your collection.


Happy The Man – Crafty Hands Tracklist

  1.  Service With A Smile (0:00)
  2.  Morning Sun (2:38)
  3.  Ibby It Is (6:40)
  4.  Steaming Pipes (14:27)
  5.  Wind Up Doll Day Wind (19:44)
  6.  Open Book (27:00)
  7.  I Forgot To Push It (31:51)
  8.  The Moon, I Sing (Nossuri) (34:55)

Stanley Whitaker – 6 and 12 string guitars, vocals
Frank Wyatt – piano, harpsichord, saxophone, flute, voice
Kit Watkins – piano, harpsichord, Moog, fake strings, clavinet
Rick Kennell – bass
Ron Riddle – drums, percussion

Happy The Man - Crafty Hands

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