Herman Düne – Mas Cambios

Herman Düne – Mas Cambios

      Stewart Mason: ‘French-Swedish anti-folk trio Herman Düne recorded 2003’s Mas Cambios, their third album, in New York in the company of local scene heavyweights like Jack Lewis (brother and collaborator of Jeffrey Lewis), Turner Cody, and Diane Cluck. However, by this point in their career, the Herman Dune brothers (André and David) are sufficiently settled in their chosen musical style that Mas Cambios doesn’t sound like they’re trying to ape the Moldy Peaches or anything like that. Indeed, Mas Cambios is Herman Düne’s most fully realized and tuneful album to this point, expanding their instrumental palette beyond the two guitars and minimal drums of their early days to include a touch of organ, bongos, and other subtle embellishments. Similarly, the brothers’ melodies are more substantial and memorable this time out, with the lyric-driven half-spoken vignettes like “You Stepped on Sticky Fingers” largely supplanted by fleshed-out pop songs like the charming opener “With a Fistful of Faith” and the mournful steel guitar ballad “Winners Lose.” ‘


Herman Düne – Mas Cambios Tracklist

  1. 00:00 With a Fistful of Faith
  2. 04:22 Red Blue Eyes
  3. 07:02 Show Me the Roof
  4. 11:07 My Friends Kill My Folks
  5. 14:10 In the Summer Camp
  6. 18:30 In August
  7. 22:05 You Stepped On Sticky Fingers
  8. 23:49 Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day
  9. 27:47 At Your Luau Night
  10. 30:53 Winners Lose
  11. 35:43 The Static Comes From My Broken Heart
  12. 38:31 So Not What I Wanted

Herman Düne - Mas Cambios

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