Humble Pie – Humble Pie

Humble Pie – Humble Pie

‘ im Newsom’ Alternating hard-driving blues-rockers with country-folk numbers, Humble Pie neatly showcases the two sides of this band’s personality on their first release for a major American label and third album overall. All of the elements are in place for the sound that would reach its studio peak with the next release, Rock On, and culminate with the classic Live at the Fillmore album. “Earth and Water Song” provides a blueprint for the acoustic guitar-based sound Peter Frampton would ride to multi-platinum success as a solo artist later in the decade. “One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba” and “Red Light Mama, Red Hot!” show the hard-rocking direction in which Steve Marriott would move the band after Frampton’s departure the following year.

Release Date:  1970
Duration: 42:37
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Album Rock – Blues-Rock – Hard Rock


Humble Pie Tracklist

  1. 0:00 Live with me
  2. 7:53 Only a roach
  3. 10:40 One eyed Trouser-Snake Rhumba
  4. 13:30 Earth and water song
  5. 19:47 I’m ready
  6. 24:47 Theme from skint (See you later liquidator)
  7. 30:32 Red light mama, red hot!
  8. 36:48 Sucking on the sweet vine

Humble Pie

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