InI – Center of Attention

InI – Center of Attention

InI was a hip hop group composed of Rob-O, Grap Luva, I Love H.I.M., Marco Polo (not to be confused with the Canadian producer Marco Polo), now known as Jolomite, and DJ Boodakhan.
The group started working on their debut album together with producer Pete Rock in the mid-90s, and signed a deal with Rock’s new found imprint Soul Brother Records through Elektra. The record company eventually shelved the album, releasing only one 12″ single in 1996. The track “Fakin’ Jax”, produced and featuring Pete Rock, became an underground hit. The album eventually became one of the most bootlegged unreleased albums in hip-hop’s history, but in 2003 it saw an official release it was included on Lost & Found: Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics, a double LP of Pete Rock’s mid-1990s production work, originally canceled by Elektra Records.
Despite the fact that Pete Rock is not an official member of the group, it is synonymous with his name, as he produced almost every track of Center of Attention, and Grap Luva is his younger brother. Rock also had verses on two songs in the albums with additional ad-libs and background vocals on basically every track.
After InI – Center of Attention got shelved the group members went their separate ways, while only two of them stayed on the music scene to pursue solo careers. Grap Luva released a few limited 12″ singles in the new millennium, as well as appearing and producing on various albums and singles from artists such as DJ Spinna, J-Live, Pete Rock, Lone Catalysts, Kev Brown and Marley Marl. Rob-O released many singles through an imprint called St. Nick Entertainment and in 2006 he came out with a debut album called “Rhyme Pro”, a mix of the older 12″ singles with a few new songs sprinkled throughout.


InI – Center of Attention Tracklist

  1.  Intro 0:00
  2.  No More Words 0:13
  3.  Step Up 4:11
  4.  Think Twice 8:56
  5.  Square One 12:25
  6.  The Life I Live 16:45
  7.  KrossRoads 21:17
  8.  To Each His Own 25:52
  9.  Fakin Jax’ 31:13
  10.  What You Say 36:57
  11.  Props 41:18
  12.  Center Of Attention 45:23
  13.  Grown Man Sport 50:06
  14.  Mind Over Matter 54:42
  15.  Don’t You Love It 59:07
  16.  Microphone Wanderlust 1:03:29

InI - Center of Attention

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