Kasabian – Kasabian

      David Jeffries ‘Pre-release hubbub might have you thinking Kasabian’s debut is the Stone Roses’ firstborn all over again, or that it’s a Screamadelica for its generation. Almost, but these lads could use one more spin around the U.K.’s hippest clubs to really polish their craft to Madchester-in-its-prime level. What their debut succeeds in providing is out-of-the-gate excitement, a trippy sack of playful ideas, and a keen understanding of what makes hips sway and heads bob. If hearing Stereolab backing Ian Brown is your dream, “Reason Is Treason” should be your indie rock seducer. If you always wished prog rock danced in baggy jeans, “Test Transmission” should do it. ……. Heavy, but their debut is a shaggy kind of charming that would work better if you tripped over it instead of having the hype trying to squeeze the word “revolutionary” out of your throat. Painting them as rock’s saviors just makes the overly ambitious moments of the album look all that much bigger. Some serious heartbreak, or life for a little while outside of the commune, should broaden these songwriters’ abilities to the level promised, but for now they’re just exciting, groovy, and proud fathers of a dazzling debut.’


Kasabian – Kasabian Tracklist

1. Club Foot – 00:00
2. Processed Beats – 03:34
3. Reason Is Treason – 06:42
4. I.D. – 11:17
5. Orange (Interlude) – 16:04
6. L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) – 16:51
7. Running Battle – 20:09
8. Test Transmission – 24:25
9. Pinch Roller (Interlude) – 28:19
10. Cutt Off – 29:35
11. Butcher Blues – 34:13
12. Ovary Stripe – 38:41
13. U. Boat – 42:31

Kasabian - Kasabian

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