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AMG review: Building on the sonic exploration of works like The Way Home, Galaxies expresses the vast, stately atmosphere of outer space; appropriately, this collection is the original soundtrack to the internationally syndicated planetarium show. From the liftoff of “Starflight” to the touchdown of “Going Home,” Kevin Braheny explores the emotional spectrum of space travel. Jazzy elements, sometimes joyful, occasionally poignant, float through Galaxies’ 17 concise pieces. A detailed and diverse album, combining science and emotion with an artist’s touch. –by Heather Phares

New Frontier Magazine July/August 1988: …Kevin Braheny’s newest offering, entitled Galaxies, is a different story altogether. The 16 compositions, which were commissioned for a 1988 planetarium production by Professor Timothy Ferris, are among the finest work that Kevin has done to date. This is esoteric space music at its best!
With the addition of an electronic woodwind controller to his bank of state of the art synthesizers, the composer extends his sonic capabilities into new dimensions. He pushes this remarkable instrumentation to its fullest potential right in the opening track. Here, in “Galaxies Main Theme,” Braheny teases us with a soft celestial introduction and then seems to magically produce a rich, vibrant orchestration that can only be compared to a full symphonic ensemble.
The album’s longest piece, “Ancient Stars,” is also one of its very best. This, more than any other composition, evokes the memory of Braheny’s work on the classic album Western Spaces. “Ancient Stars” is rife with primal, haunting imagery which may be interpreted as mysterious of shamanistic. However, it is so exquisitely beautiful that I get goosebumps each time I listen to it.
Galaxies is certain to be hailed as a landmark album for Kevin Braheny and thus deserves a high recommendation for anyone who enjoys etheric, other-worldly music with a touch of symphonic grandeur.
— Reviewed by Ken Gruen, 


Kevin Braheny – Galaxies Tracklist

  1. Galaxies Main Theme 0:00
  2. Starflight 1 4:42
  3. Ancient Stars 7:43
  4. Milky Way Rising 14:06
  5. Galactic Sky 17:01
  6. Winds (Proxima Centauri) 22:40
  7. The Southern Cross 24:39
  8. Starflight 2 25:24
  9. The Pleiades 27:35
  10. Starflight 3 28:33
  11. Intergalactic Space 33:21
  12. Ice Forests of Orion 36:24
  13. Lookback Time 41:26
  14. Going Home 45:46
  15. Starflight 4 49:13
  16. Down to Earth 52:25

Kevin Braheny

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