Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come

‘Gary Hill’ —  In an era before the Page and Plant albums and Jimmy Page’s reworking of Zep songs with the Black Crowes, this CD garnered a lot of attention by sounding very much like Led Zeppelin. With an audience hungry for the hard-rocking kings of the ’70s, a disc billed that way was guaranteed to sell quite a few copies. Once the listener got it home and gave it a spin, though, it was a little disappointing. Sure, the Zeppelinisms were all over the place, which in and of itself was a mixed blessing. The real drawback to this disc, though, is that much of the CD has a sameness to it. This lack of change makes for a disc that really can grate on you a bit. –by 

Kingdom Come is a hard rock band fronted by Hamburg-born vocalist Lenny Wolf. The group’s first album, Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come is to date the band’s most internationally popular and biggest selling recording. The band currently consists of an entirely German line-up. The musical style on Kingdom Come’s debut album was very close to the early blues-rock style of English rock band Led Zeppelin, to the point that some listeners initially thought that Kingdom Come was actually a Led Zeppelin reunion. With a sound that was thought by many to be highly derivative of Led Zeppelin’s, there was a backlash from critics, with the band being dubbed “Kingdom Clone” in the press.

Lenny Wolf — lead vocals
Danny Stag — lead guitar
Rick Steier — rhythm guitar
Johnny B. Frank — bass
James Kottak — drums


Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come Tracklist

  1. “Living Out of Touch” – 0:00
  2. “Pushin’ Hard” – 4:17
  3. “What Love Can Be” – 09:04
  4. “17” – 14:19
  5. “The Shuffle” – 19:45
  6. “Get It On” – 23:25
  7. “Now Forever After” – 27:47
  8. “Hideaway” – 33:23
  9. “Loving You” – 39:02
  10. “Shout It Out” – 43:48

Kingdom Come - Kingdom Come

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