Kitaro – The light of the spirit

AMG Review: The Light of the Spirit is one of Kitaro’s best CDs. Perhaps it is because Mickey Hart co-produced, or perhaps Kitaro asked Hart to co-produce because it is so good. It doesn’t really matter if either of those is the reason; this is just an awesome CD. Kitaro’s specialty has always been the symphonic synth and this is no exception. He augments that synth with several guest musicians on a variety of ambient instruments. This is truly ambient music, albeit on the new age side of that style. The vocal accompaniment by Lynn Ray and Jeannie Tracy counts as instrumental as well. The sound design treats the wordless vocals as an extra sound to incorporate. David Jenkins contributes a smoking electric guitar that gives this rock & roll textures as well. Kitaro – The light of the spirit stands proudly with work by Constance Demby, Vangelis, Suzanne Ciani, and Dean Evenson as some of the best adult contemporary instrumental new age music. –by Jim Brenholts


Kitaro – The light of the spirit Tracklist

  1. 00:00 – Mysterious Encounter
  2. 06:02 –  Sundance
  3. 12:23 –  The Field
  4. 17:15 –  The Light of the Spirit
  5. 24:46 –  In the Beginning
  6. 30:38 –  Moondance
  7. 35:22 –  Howling Thunder
  8. 41:30 –  Journey to a Fantasy

Kitaro - The light of the spirit

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New Age/Ambient



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