Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum

Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum

Progarchives: On Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum, Schulze reaches back to his 30 year old and defining album Mirage and picks up the trail of lush analogue electronics where he left it since 1978-something. Of course it’s not groundbreaking anymore, but for an artist this late in his career that is no requirement. We’re totally happy with more of the same, especially if it comes as entrancing as this one. Sequenzer is a must for all lovers of electronic music, starting with a sequence of synthesized acoustic guitar picking. In the typical Schulze fashion, other themes are woven around it, one on top of the other, till you get lost in the rich texture of sound. There’s no other artist that can make computers and synths sound like this. On Euro Caravan, the sequences are faded out and an eastern female voice is added on top of dark and gloomy synths. Halfway in, an entrancing moog sequence with electronic percussion stirs things up. You might want to crank up the volume here!
After track 2 we’re 50 minutes in and there’s another 30 minutes of slowly developing themes ahead. As usual, Schulze makes no music for the timespan-impaired or for people that sample albums by listening a minute here and 30 seconds there. This is music you must immerse yourself in.
Kontinuum is a solid album by Klaus. It doesn’t come as a surprise though; he had been in a great creative mood ever since he started his cooperation with Namlook in 1995. But if we discard the thrilling music that lies scattered throughout the Dark Side Of The Moog albums, then this could easily be called his best solo album in a good 25 years.


Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum Tracklist

  1.  Sequenzer (From 70 To 07) 0:00
  2.  Euro Caravan 24:54
  3.  Thor (Thunder) 44:35

Total Time: 76:22

Klaus Schulze - Kontinuum

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