LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

      Tim Sendra: …  American Dream is an emotionally charged and tightly wound return, balancing bursts of dance-punk energy with post-punk moodiness and synth pop abstraction, powered by insistent beats and Murphy’s distinctive vocals. It’s an album made equally for the feet, the brain, and the heart, with moments of melancholy and release, sadness and joy, all delivered with an unsentimental, unpretentious eye and ear.
As on past recordings, Murphy handles the bulk of the instruments himself, though Al Doyle is on hand to provide guitars and keys on many songs and everyone else has some input along the way. There is more focus on the less raucous dancefloor fillers this time out, though there are still plenty of wall-rattling tracks that sound like they are made out of sweat and smoke, namely the bubbling Talking Heads-inspired “other voices” and the hooky, immediate “tonite.” The balance is tipped a little in favor of songs that show restraint and graceful sadness. …
No matter the style or mood of the songs, Murphy’s vocals are the main attraction, delivering snaky asides, heartfelt emotion, and insistent chatter in his trademark fashion. The years off haven’t quite mellowed him or made him a crooner; he still mixes the tart with the bittersweet like a master chef. The years haven’t made LCD Soundsystem any less relevant or important, either. The times still require a great rock band (with synths) that can tap into the anxieties of modern life while also dancing the night away. American Dream isn’t just a triumphant comeback, it’s another great album by a great band.’


LCD Soundsystem – American Dream Tracklist

01. Oh Baby 00:00
02. Other Voices 05:50
03. I Used To 12:33
04. Change Yr Mind 18:06
05. How Do You Sleep? 23:04
06. Tonite 32:16
07. Call The Police 38:03
08. American Dream 45:02
09. Emotional Haircut 51:09
10. Black Screen 56:38

LCD Soundsystem - American Dream

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