Lee Hazlewood – Requiem for an Almost Lady

      This album was advertised as “the heaviest breakup album ever made” when I decided to buy it, the advertising was right on the money. It’s a brilliantly honest record, sparingly arranged, quite beautiful, angry, sad, and depressing, all at the same time. This sublime collection consists of 10 short, simple, economically orchestrated songs, featuring Lee’s lovesick baritone cushioned only by bass, acoustic guitar and occasional steel. Though overall a dark and fragile meditation, Requiem, like all of Lee’s solo work, thrives on an arch alchemy of humor, passion and smarts; his sadness is wet with wily wit, his curses cut with cleverness. Not country. Not rock. Not folk. Sort of like all of those, but oh so much more. It’s the music you get when someone who knows a lot of things about a lot of things gets behind the boards and in front of the mic. I mean it…everything about this album is pure and golden and can never age. The album is one of the most beautifully agonizing breakup records to ever hit wax, culled from a composite of Hazlewood’s relationships gone wrong. Spoken word introductions precede each of the ten brief songs and reveal Hazlewood’s poetic soul, while the songs themselves are full of longing and witty, clever cynicism coupled with a sad-eyed idealism that paints the music as even more visceral and grievous.

Release Date: 1971
Duration: 25:25
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Baroque Pop, AM Pop, Psychedelic Pop
Recording DateJune, 1971


Lee Hazlewood – Requiem for an Almost Lady Tracklist

01 – I’m Glad I Never… (00:00)
02 – If It’s Monday Morning (01:03)
03 – L.A. Lady (04:56)
04 – Won’t You Tell Your Dreams (07:16)
05 – I’ll Live Yesterdays (11:08)
06 – Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain) (13:58)
07 – Stone Lost Child (16:31)
08 – Come On Home to Me (18:33)
09 – Must Have Been Something I Loved (21:31)
10 – I’d Rather Be Your Enemy (23:10)

Lee Hazlewood - Requiem for an Almost Lady

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