Loreen – Heal

Loreen – Heal

Loreen – Heal is the debut studio album by Swedish recording artist Loreen, released 24 October 2012 through Warner Music Sweden. The album was recorded from 2010 through to 2012. The official album cover was released on October 1, 2012. According to Samesame.com.au, musically, the album is a “cathartic break up album offering salvation for disparate moments.” It is also a “blend of crowd-pleasing Eurodance in its obvious singles candidates and more distilled, chill out sounds.”Upon its release, the album received generally favorable reviews from music critics. Upon its release, Loreen – Heal has received positive reviews from music critics. Scandipop.co.uk were very positive in their review, writing “So all is well – we’re happy campers.” They praised the more dance ready songs on the album, while the criticized the balladry songs, by stating “although we wouldn’t recommend judging the album too much on what you hear in these, they’re really not the best representation of any of the songs.”Samesame.com.au were also positive. They stated that “Heal is an alluring blend of pulsating dance pop that feel more subtle than what one might initially expect from a Eurovision pop purveyor.


Loreen – Heal Tracklist

  1. 0:00 In My Head
  2. 4:24 My Heart Is Refusing Me
  3. 8:09 Everytime
  4. 13:06 Euphoria
  5. 16:41 Crying Out Your Name
  6. 20:18 Do We Even Matter
  7. 24:25 Sidewalk
  8. 28:35 Sober
  9. 32:12 If She’s the One
  10. 36:16 Breaking Robot
  11. 39:44 See You Again
  12. 43:45 Heal

Loreen - Heal

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