Magic Pie – Motions of Desire

Magic Pie – Motions of Desire

Prograrchives: 4,5 stars really ; One of the finest albums of 2005. “Magic Pie – Motions of Desire ” has nothing specific new to offer, it’s just that the music on this record is extremely enjoyable. The compositions are very well crafted, the melodies seem vivid and inspired and the musician ship is awesome. On “Magic Pie – Motions of Desire “, you’ll find a powerful kind of prog which includes meaty old fashioned organs, powerful guitar riffs all over the place, fizzling Moogs and beautiful harmonic vocals. Their major influences are obvious. Especially the heyday of Kansas & Deep Purple comes to mind when hearing their mind blowing sound. When focussing on the harmonic vocals, Styx & Echolyn also come to mind. Despite the energetic sound, many musical details can be spotted in the elaborate guitars solo’s, excerpts of acoustic guitars & flute. Despite the complex changes in moods and rhythms, this albums needs not too much spins to get into and maybe this is the reason for its brilliancy. I guess the awesome chords and the dominant melodies add to the accessibility. The melodies are inspired and dominate the tracks but again, the arrangements that enwrap the melodies are great. — by Fishy Norwegian band Magic Pie can best be described as Classic Rock meets Progressive Rock in a conglomerate of influences from the 70 s and from todays progressive scene.
The characteristic and unique Magic Pie sound is founded on strong melodious songs, blended by powerful vocal arrangements, sparkling guitar riffs, 70 s organ and synths, and solid bass and drum work. The music embraces a wide spectre of styles, changing from the softest emotional piece to the more heavy metal riffs.
Even if the band has its unique sound and signature, influences from Spocks Beard, Deep Purple, YES, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Flower Kings and Uriah Heep is perceptible in the musical pie . The band was established in 2001 and consists of Kim Stenberg (guitars), Eirik Hanssen (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Gilbert Marshall (organ, keyboards, lead vocals), Eirikur Hauksson (lead vocals,acc guitar), Lars Petter Holstad (bass guitar) and Jan T. Johannessen (drums)…

Eirik Hanssen – lead vocals
Allan Olsen – lead vocals
Gilbert Marshall – lead vocals, keyboards
Kim Stenberg – guitar, vocals
Lars Petter Holstad – bass
Jan Torkild Jahannessen – drums


Magic Pie – Motions of Desire Tracklist:

  1.  Change – 00:00
  2.  Motions of Desire – 20:05
  3.  Full Circle Poetry – 26:41
  4.  Without Knowing Why – 40:54
  5.  Illusion & Reality (Pt.1) – 48:53
  6.  Illusion & Reality (Pt.2) – Final Breath – 59:09
  7.  Illusion & Reality (Pt.3) – Reprise – 1:03:56
  8.  Dream Vision – 1:07:06

Magic Pie - Motions of Desire

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