McDonald and Giles – McDonald and Giles

McDonald and Giles – McDonald and Giles

      McDonald and Giles is an album of music released by British musicians Ian McDonald and Michael Giles in 1971. The album was recorded at Island Studios between May and July 1970. Although McDonald and Giles remains popular among King Crimson fans, its commercial success was limited. The duo did not record a second album.  The music on McDonald and Giles contains many of the pastoral and musically complex elements of King Crimson, while generally avoiding that band’s darker tendencies. The song “Flight of the Ibis” has a similar melody and rhythm to King Crimson’s “Cadence and Cascade”, with different lyrics. The album contains a guest appearance by Steve Winwood, playing organ and piano on “Turnham Green”. Winwood’s group Traffic were working on John Barleycorn Must Die at Island Studios at the same time.

Ian McDonald – guitar, piano, organ, saxes, flute, clarinet, zither, vocals and sundries
Michael Giles – drums, percussion (including milk bottle, handsaw, lip whistle and nutbox), vocals
Peter Giles – bass guitar
Steve Winwood – organ, and piano solo on “Turnham Green”
Michael Blakesley – trombone on “Tomorrow’s People”
Arranged and produced by Ian McDonald and Michael Giles


McDonald and Giles Tracklist

1 Suite in C 00:00 (including “Turnham Green”, “Here I Am” and many more)
2 Flight of the Ibis 11:23
3 Is She Waiting? 14:40
4 Tomorrow’s People — The Children of Today 17:22
5 Birdman 24:22 (involving; “The Inventor’s Dream (O.U.A.T.)”, “The Workshop”, “Wishbone Ascension”,      “Birdman Flies!”, “Wings in the Sunset” and “Birdman — The Reflection”)

McDonald and Giles

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