Moby – Everything Is Wrong

Moby – Everything Is Wrong

      Ned Raggett: ‘For some it was the pinnacle of his career, for others one of a continued string of triumphs (others doubtless cared not at all, thinking somehow that synth and dancebeats equalled musical insincerity, but such is life). Regardless of how one takes it, Moby – Everything Is Wrong shows Moby at a definite high point, and if some tracks are much more memorable and involved than others, those successes alone justify the attention and hype he received in his earliest days. Even more noteworthy is that for all that the album is a definite product of time and place, namely 1994-1995, it stands up to further listens for all the further changes in dance since. …. . Meanwhile, the string-touched “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters” is a self-consciously beautiful, cinematic meditation on spiritual power that in lesser hands might be cheese but comes across here as truly affecting. If there’s an ace in the hole, it’s the inspired recruiting of former Hugo Largo vocalist Mimi Goese, who had spent the early ’90s well out of the public eye. Her turns on “Into the Blue” and especially the haunting, evocative album-closer “When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die” bring out in the best in both musicians.’


Moby – Everything Is Wrong Tracklist

  1. Hymn 0:00
  2. Feeling So Real (feat. Kochie Banton) 03:19
  3. All That I Need Is to Be Loved 06:43
  4. Let’s Go Free 09:27
  5. Everytime You Touch Me (feat. Kochie Banton) 10:07
  6. Bring Back My Happiness 13:50
  7. What Love? 17:03
  8. First Cool Hive 19:51
  9. Into the Blue (feat. Mimi Goese) 25:08
  10. Anthem 30:42
  11. Everything Is Wrong 34:10
  12. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters 35:25
  13. When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die (feat. Mimi Goese) 42:59 


Moby - Everything Is Wrong

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