Mostly Autumn – Music Inspired By Th Lord Of The Rings

Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings is the fourth studio album by Mostly Autumn. The music is not inspired by the book by Tolkien, but was made because the first movie of the filmcycle The Lord of the Rings film trilogy was filmed and announced. The album was recorded in the Fairview Studios in Hull.

Progarchives Review: The band says that this is one album they never expected to make. Unexpected or not, the idea of making an album inspired by Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” isn’t that original. The same idea has lead to many albums, especially in the symphonic and progressive rock genre. Some of the songs on Mostly Autumn’s album would’ve been perfect for the movie soundtrack, especially the instrumental ones. The Celtic folk influences that Mostly Autumn have and the traditional instruments suites the music just fine. The mood is dark when it should be dark, and the music is happy and harmonic when it should be. The Pink Floyd of folk music has done their best album up to date. If you like Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”, why not put on Mostly Autumn’s album while reading it the next time. Or just buy the album anyway, because it’s definitely worth it.

Bryan Josh – lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
Heather Findlay – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars, recorders, tambourine, bodhrán
Iain Jennings – keyboards
Angela Gordon – flute, recorders, backing vocals
Liam Davison – rhythm and acoustic guitars, slide guitars
Andy Smith – bass guitars
Jonathan Blackmore – drums


Mostly Autumn – Music Inspired By Th Lord Of The Rings Tracklist

  1. 00:00 –  Overture: Forge Of Sauron
  2. 04:10 – Greenwood The Great
  3. 10:20 –  Goodbye Alone
  4. 16:30 –  Out Of The Inn
  5. 23:13 –  On The Wings Of Gwaihir
  6. 28:18 –  At Last To Rivendell
  7. 31:58 –  Journey’s Thought
  8. 36:30 –  Caradhras The Cruel
  9. 39:04 –  The Riders Of Rohan
  10. 42:38 –  Lothlorien
  11. 46:22 –  The Return Of The King
  12. 49:50 –  To The Grey Havens

Mostly Autumn - Music Inspired By Th Lord Of The Rings

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