Nada Surf – Let Go

      Let Go is the third album by alternative rock band, Nada Surf. It was released on Barsuk in 2002. The New York trio did score an MTV hit with “Popular,” from their 1996 debut album, but it is a more mature and less commercial Nada Surf that returns now with a third LP, their first for indie label Barsuk.  Nada Surf – Let Go takes its title quite literally, as layer after layer of preconceived notions and excess noise are stripped away to unveil both soft-spoken charm and intense newfound confidence. Upbeat, electrified fare like “Hi-Speed Soul” and the Foo Fighters-lite of “The Way You Wear Your Head” is now the exception to the rule established by predominantly acoustic numbers like “Blizzard of ’77,” “Fruit Fly,” and “Neither Heaven nor Space,” all of which strike a heartaching chord with their bewitching melancholy. Nada Surf sometimes sound like “Bends”-era Radiohead, or Elliott Smith or New Order or Coldplay. But It’s done so well, so confidently, and the songwriting is so strong that this complaint seems superfluous. Nada Surf don’t hijack their influences, they suggest them with reverence.  Every song has a satisfying, catchy melody, and the ballads are simply beautiful (“Killian’s Red,” “Paper Boats” in particular).


Nada Surf – Let Go Tracklist

  1. 00:00 – Blizzard of ’77
  2. 02:08 – The Way You Wear Your Head
  3. 05:20 – Fruit Fly
  4. 09:54 – Blonde on Blonde
  5. 14:29 – Inside of Love
  6. 19:27 – Hi-Speed Soul
  7. 24:06 – No Quick Fix
  8. 27:30 – Killian’s Red
  9. 33:43 – Là Pour Ça
  10. 37:00 – Happy Kid
  11. 41:09 – Treading Water
  12. 45:32 – Paper Boats
  13. 52:41 – Run
  14. 56:54 – Neither Heaven Nor Space
  15. 01:01:36 – End Credits

Nada Surf - Let Go

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