New Order – Get Ready

New Order – Get Ready

     John Bush: ‘…. Though there are several allowances for the electronic-dance form New Order helped develop, Get Ready is a very straight-ahead album, their first work in 15 years that’s focused on songwriting and performance rather than grafted dance techniques. .. Listeners familiar with the blueprint of early New Order work will find much to love on Get Ready, from the tough rockers “60 Miles an Hour” and “Primitive Notion” to pastoral downtempo material like “Turn My Way,” “Vicious Streak,” and the melodica-driven closer “Run Wild.” This naked songcraft, however, does reveal a few of the band’s deficiencies. Bernard Summer’s lyrics drift toward the inane: “I’ll be there for you when you want me to/I’ll stand by your side like I always do/In the dead of night it’ll be alright/cuz I’ll be there for you when you want me to.” And the band can’t help but identify with a younger generation of music-makers, inviting Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie over for “Rock the Shack” and turning in a dense, chaotic production that’s all but de rigeur for Gillespie but very strained for New Order. (The other main collaborative track, with stranded Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, is surprisingly unembarassing.) Even for fans who don’t need any convincing, Get Ready is a true “grower,” an album that reveal its delicious secrets — sublime songcraft, introverted delivery, collaborative musicianship — slowly and only after several listens. ‘


New Order – Get Ready Tracklist:

  1.  Crystal 0:00
  2.  60 Miles An Hour 6:50
  3.  Turn My Way 11:27
  4.  Vicious Streak 16:30
  5.  Primitive Notion 22:11
  6.  Slow Jam 27:54
  7.  Rock The Shack 32:48
  8.  Someone Like You 37:00
  9.  Close Range 42:42
  10.  Run Wild 46:55

New Order - Get Ready

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