Nick Drake – Made To Love Magic

Nick Drake – Made To Love Magic

      Hunger for “new” Nick Drake material had reached enough of a fever pitch by the 21st century for Island to try digging up enough for this odd patchwork collection, combining outtakes with remixes of tracks that had been previously issued on the Time of No Reply album. The result Nick Drake – Made To Love Magic is a curious disc that’s not quite an anthology of wholly previously unreleased material, and thus of somewhat limited value to Drake collectors, though it contains much good music. The only song here previously unavailable in any form is the 1974 outtake “Tow the Line,” a melancholic solo acoustic performance (as are most of the tracks on the CD) that’s well up to the standards of Pink Moon and the 1974 tracks that previously surfaced on Time of No Reply. Also new to official release are spring 1968 solo acoustic versions of “River Man” (later to appear on Five Leaves Left with orchestration) and “Mayfair” (a later recording of which was used on Time of No Reply), as well as a March 1969 version of “Three Hours” that’s longer than the one later cut for Five Leaves Left. There’s also a newly discovered take of “Hanging on a Star” (one of the 1974 outtakes used on Time of No Reply) with a different vocal. The differences between these and the familiar studio renditions aren’t knock-your-socks-off different, but certainly good and well worth hearing by Drake cultists….


Nick Drake – Made To Love Magic Tracklist

  1. 00:00 Rider on the Wheel
  2. 02:36 Magic
  3. 05:23 River Man
  4. 09:24 Joey
  5. 12:28 Thoughts of Mary Jane
  6. 16:06 Mayfair
  7. 18:18 Hanging on a Star
  8. 21:42 Three Hours
  9. 26:54 Clothes of Sand
  10. 29:26 Voices
  11. 33:12 Time of No Reply
  12. 36:01 Black Eyed Dog
  13. 39:35 Tow the Line

Nick Drake - Made To Love Magic

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