Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

      Rovi Staff: “Sirens, the third album from Nicolas Jaar, falls somewhere between the contemplative microhouse of first album Space Is Only Noise (2011) and the glossier follow-up Pomegranates (2015). Introduced with the haunting 11-minute track “Killing Time,” Jaar integrates new elements into his sound, from the synth pop of “Three Sides of Nazareth” to the jungle of “The Governor.” The continuous presence of vocals makes it Jaar’s most emotional work yet, opening the door to a wider audience.”

      Jonah Bromwich, writing for Pitchfork Media, gave Sirens a positive review, stating “Sirens is a thoughtful study in contrasts, both musical and political. It’s only Nicolas Jaar’s second LP, but it is the mark of an enduring electronic composer.”
      Nina Corcoran, writing for Consequence of Sound, gave the album a “B” grade and said “Though it seems fleeting, Jaar’s hypnotizing songs cradle you until you reach a point of illumination, a bubble of sound that feels limitless in its elongated, looped second, a dance to softened fragments.”


Nicolas Jaar – Sirens Tracklist

1. “Killing Time” 11:14
2. “The Governor” 6:50
3. “Leaves” 3:30
4. “No” 6:34
5. “Three Sides of Nazareth” 9:55
6. “History Lesson” 3:44

Nicolas Jaar - Sirens

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