Oceansize – Frames

      Alex Henderson: ‘Never let it be said that Oceansize don’t come up with their share of intriguing song titles. On Frames, the song titles include “Sleeping Dogs and Dead Lions,” “Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt,” “Trail of Fire,” and “Only Twin.” But then, Frames is an intriguing listen even if one doesn’t speak a word of English and has no idea what any of those titles mean. In the past, some nay-sayers have tried to dismiss Oceansize as either a poor man’s Radiohead or a low-rent version of Coldplay. But as Frames demonstrates, Oceansize’s moody, atmospheric alternative pop/rock has many influences other than Radiohead and Coldplay. During the course of the album, the Manchester, England residents draw on a long list of influences that also includes Pink Floyd, the Police, U2, the Cocteau Twins, Roxy Music, and, of course, the Beatles. Occasionally, Frames veers a bit into alternative metal and hardcore territory, but the album’s heavier, more metallic moments are the exception instead of the rule; this is a band that, all things considered, would rather float than rock. Frames is by far Oceansize’s most consistent release — and it is a good place to start out if one is exploring their work for the first time.’


Tracklist Oceansize – Frames

  1. Commemorative ____ T-Shirt – 8:37
  2. Unfamiliar – 6:32
  3. Trail of Fire – 8:06
  4. Savant – 8:06
  5. Only Twin – 7:22
  6. An Old Friend of the Christy’s – 10:19
  7. Sleeping Dogs and Dead Lions – 6:42
  8. The Frame – 10:40
  9. Voorhees (piste bonus) – 11:10

Oceansize - Frames

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