Opeth – Heritage

      Thom Jurek: ‘Heritage, Opeth’s tenth studio offering, finds the Swedish band abandoning death metal: no growled vocals, no blistering fast power riffs, no blastbeats. Mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) and engineered by Janne Hansson, Opeth – Heritage is easily Opeth’s most musically adventurous — and indulgent — recording. Written primarily by vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, these ten songs are drenched in instrumental interludes, knotty key and chord changes, shifting time signatures, clean vocals, and a keyboard-heavy instrumentation that includes Mellotrons, Rhodes pianos, and Hammond organs — ironic since keyboardist Per Wiberg left the band after Heritage was completed. Opening with the title track, a haunting solo piano instrumental, it careens into the explosive “The Devil’s Orchard,” with spectacular, arpeggiatic guitar work by Fredrik Åkesson and matching drums by Martin Axenrot. With a huge, swirling B-3 in the backdrop, it melds progressive metal to prog rock, with Åkerfeldt’s clear, clean singing. “I Feel the Dark” marries Åkerfeldt’s classical guitar to piano, flute, a droning Martin Mendez bassline, and double-timed, quietly tense drum kit work. “Slither” sounds like Motörhead meeting early-’70s Deep Purple. “Nepenthe” begins as a ballad but shifts toward jazz-rock in the instrumental break before finding its way back to a middle ground with sparse instrumentation and taut dynamics. … Love it or hate it, Heritage, for its many excesses and sometimes blurry focus, is a brave album. It opens the door for Opeth to pursue many new directions and reinvent themselves as a band.’

Mikael Åkerfeldt – guitar, mellotron, grand piano, vocals, sound effects, mixing, engineering, production
Fredrik Åkesson – guitar
Per Wiberg – grand piano, ellotron, rhodes piano, Hammond B3
Martín Mendez – bass guitar, upright bass
Martin Axenrot – drums, percussion


Opeth – Heritage Tracklist

1. Heritage (Instrumental) 0:00
2. The Devil’s Orchard 2:05
3. I Feel the Dark 8:44
4. Slither 15:23
5. Nepenthe 19:22
6. Häxprocess 25:04
7. Famine 32:05
8. The Lines in My Hand 40:42
9. Folklore 44:45
10. Marrow of the Earth (Instrumental)53:11

Opeth - Heritage

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