Ozric Tentacles – Erpland

Progarchives: Not as energetic or dynamic perhaps as “Curious Corn” but this has a variety of sounds and styles to keep you entertained.This was originally released as a double album, so we get over 73 minutes of music here.
I like the opening track “Eternal Wheel” the best, it has some fantastic guitar melodies as well as some scorching solos.The drumming and synth work really stands out as well. Check out the swath that the guitar cuts out of the soundscape later on followed by some ripping solos. Flute and a spacey atmosphere to end it. “Toltes Spring” features various sounds with percussion and flute. “Tidal Convergence” opens with synths before the song accellerates with drums and bass leading the way. Some good guitar 4 1/2 minutes in, but the drumming that follows really shines. “Sunscape” opens with some excellent guitar and the percussion is great too. “Mysticum Arabicola” as the title suggests has an Arabic feel to it as the tablas pound away.
“Cracker Blocks” almost sounds like chimes clanging with synths. Waves of synths arrive before 4 minutes. “The Throbbe” features pounding drums and a spacey soundscape. “Erpland” is an uptempo tune with bass,guitar and drums leading the way. “Valley Of A Thousand Thoughts” sounds like your in a jungle with bird-like sounds and tribal drumming. “Snakepit” has some nice crisp drumming and intricte guitar melodies.The latter part of the song doesn’t do a lot for me though. “Iscence” has a reggae beat and the drumming on this track is incredible. “A Gift Of Wings” has spacey atmospheres an island beat and Eastern sounds as they try to combine all these elements on the final and longest track on the album.
Without question Ozric Tentacles – Erpland is one of their best and I recommend this record to all the fans of Space Rock music out there. This is a trip around the world !


Ozric Tentacles – Erpland Tracklist

1. Eternal Wheel (0:00)
2. Toltec Spring (8:20)
3. Tidal Convergence (11:23)
4. Sunscape (18:38)
5. Mysticum Arabicola (22:40)
6. Cracker Blocks (31:54)
7. The Throbbe (37:35)
8. Erpland (43:56)
9. Valley of a Thousand Thoughts (49:29)
10. Snakepit (56:01)
11. Iscence (59:19)
12. A Gift of Wings (60:03)

Ozric Tentacles - Erpland

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