Phideaux – Snowtorch

Phideaux – Snowtorch

Proarchives: Phideaux hasn’t lost his sense of mystery throughout Snowtorch, and he hasn’t lost his sense of melody. …Phideaux – Snowtorch is more piano/ vintage keys oriented, with less guitars but more flute and cello. It’s the HUGE palette of keyboards that had me: colorful variety that reminded me the great years of Kerry Minnear (Gentle Giant), ELP and many acts of the 70’s Italian scene( like Balletto di Bronzo). I love the fact that the band is not bending over by being du jour with a Riverside ,or Marillion approach, we have way too much of those these days. No, I almost felt the ghost of Solaris’ Martian Chronicles at times! Yes, it’s a rare thing these days, and it’s a new hope for the ones who are not into Post Metal (ouch my ears) and who longs for an album without growling. What to say? Phideaux and his band delivered a masterpiece; (again! can you believe it?!)this band has more epic records in 5 years than many bands over their career. He’s spoiling us again: long, lushious instrumental parts with countless hooks that makes you think: ”Is this guy’s gonna run out of ideas one day?”
Phideaux at the top of his art, not a black cloud in sight.

Phideaux – Snowtorch Tracklist

1. Snowtorch – Part One (19:39)
   a) Star Of Light
   b) Retrograde
   c) Fox On The Rocks
   d) Celestine
2. Helix (5:54)
3. Snowtorch – Part Two (16:11)
   a) Blowtorch Snowjob
   b) Fox Rock 2
   c) Coronal Mass Ejection
4. ” … ”’ (2:34)

Total Time: 44:08

Line-up / Musicians
– Phideaux Xavier / acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
– Ariel Farber / vocals, violin
– Valerie Gracious / vocals
– ‘Bloody’ Rich Hutchins / drums
– Mathew Kennedy / bass guitar
– Gabriel Moffat / electric guitar
– Linda Ruttan Moldawsky / vocals, metal percussion
– Molly Ruttan / vocals
– Mark Sherkus / keyboards, piano
– Johnn Unicorn / keyboards, saxophone, vocals

Phideaux - Snowtorch

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