Pinback – Blue Screen Life

AMG Review: On the band’s second album, Pinback – Blue Screen Life, Pinback redefines its classic emo sound into something lush and personal. Quirky pop harmonies swirl into indie rock bliss and sweeping acoustics explore the bandmembers’ grand air as they make a sound for themselves. Songs such as “Boo” and “XIY” showcase Pinback’s growing musicianship and an intelligence similar to the likes of Built to Spill and Elliott Smith. “Prog” and “West” are both sweetly tainted with delicate percussion arrangements and hushing vocals — however, it’s not incredibly outstanding. Blue Screen Life is a progression for Pinback, and internal complexities inside the band’s songs are quite obvious. It’s not unique or brilliant; it’s a healthy dose of Pinback’s satisfaction in keeping things simple — lyrically and musically. –by MacKenzie Wilson

BBC review: Pinback – Blue Screen Life is one of the most accessible and melodic releases these two have come up with so far, and long time fans will see a natural progression in the duos output. For those of you who are new to the band, this will serve as a great introduction to some of southern Californias most notable talents, whose back catalogue work is certainly worth tracking down and picking up.
At this rate, I dont think there will be any bands left in San Diego that havent had some musical contribution from one of these guys. Lets hope they spread their influences far and wide. It can only be a good thing.
Absolutely gorgeous.


Pinback – Blue Screen Life Tracklist

  1.  Offline P.K. 0:00
  2.  Concrete Seconds 3:15
  3.  Boo 7:24
  4.  Bbtone 11:23
  5.  Penelope 16:09
  6.  Talby 20:55
  7.  X I Y 24:55
  8.  Prog 28:25
  9.  Your Sickness 32:27
  10.  Seville 37:16
  11.  West 41:22
  12.  Tres 45:11

Pinback - Blue Screen Life

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