Pink Floyd – More

Pink Floyd – More

Pink Floyd – More: Soundtrack from the Film More (US original title: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the film More) is the first full-length soundtrack album, and third studio album by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 13 June 1969 in the UK and 9 August in the US. The film More was made in Luxembourg in 1969 and was directed by Barbet Schroeder. Two songs can be heard in the film that were not included on the album: “Seabirds” and “Hollywood”. More contains some acoustic folk ballads, a genre that appeared sparsely on later works. It also contains some of the band’s “heaviest” recordings, such as “The Nile Song” and “Ibiza Bar”,as well as several instrumental tracks, featuring their experimental and avant-garde approach.
This is Pink Floyd’s first full album without founding member Syd Barrett, who was ousted from the group in early 1968 during the recording of their previous album, A Saucerful of Secrets. It is one of the two Pink Floyd albums to feature David Gilmour as the sole lead vocalist, the other being 1987’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and it is also the first album to be produced by Pink Floyd without assistance from Norman Smith. It was recorded at Pye Studios, Marble Arch, London and engineered by Brian Humphries.

AMG Review: Commissioned as a soundtrack to the seldom-seen French hippie movie of the same name, Pink Floyd – More was a Pink Floyd album in its own right, reaching the Top Ten in Britain. The group’s atmospheric music was a natural for movies, but when assembled for record, these pieces were unavoidably a bit patchwork, ranging from folky ballads to fierce electronic instrumentals to incidental mood music. Several of the tracks are pleasantly inconsequential, but this record does include some strong compositions, especially “Cymbaline,” “Green Is the Colour,” and “The Nile Song.” All of these developed into stronger pieces in live performances, and better, high-quality versions are available on numerous bootlegs. –by Richie Unterberger


Pink Floyd – More Tracklist

  1. 00:00 – Cirrus Minor
  2. 05:16 – The Nile Song
  3. 08:44 – Crying Song
  4. 12:18 – Up The Khyber
  5. 14:31 – Green Is The Colour
  6. 17:28 – Cymbaline
  7. 22:18 – Party Sequence
  8. 23:30 – Main Theme
  9. 28:55 – Ibiza Bar
  10. 32:13 – More Blues
  11. 34:27 – Quicksilver
  12. 41:40 – A Spanish Piece
  13. 42:45 – Dramatic Theme

Pink Floyd - More

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