Pink Floyd – The Wall

Pink Floyd – The Wall is the eleventh studio album by the English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. Released as a double album on 30 November 1979, it was subsequently performed live with elaborate theatrical effects, and adapted into a feature film, Pink Floyd—The Wall.

AMG review: Roger Waters constructed Pink Floyd – The Wall, a narcissistic, double-album rock opera about an emotionally crippled rock star who spits on an audience member daring to cheer during an acoustic song. Given its origins, it’s little wonder that The Wall paints such an unsympathetic portrait of the rock star, cleverly named “Pink,” who blames everyone — particularly women — for his neuroses. Such lyrical and thematic shortcomings may have been forgivable if the album had a killer batch of songs, but Waters took his operatic inclinations to heart, constructing the album as a series of fragments that are held together by larger numbers like “Comfortably Numb” and “Hey You.” Generally, the fully developed songs are among the finest of Pink Floyd’s later work, but it is primarily a triumph of production: its seamless surface, blending melodic fragments and sound effects, makes the musical shortcomings and questionable lyrics easy to ignore. But if it is examined in depth, it falls apart, since it doesn’t offer enough great songs to support its ambition, and its self-serving message and shiny production seem like relics of the late-’70s Me Generation. –by Stephen Thomas Erlewine


Pink Floyd – The Wall Tracklist


  1. 0:00 In the Flesh?
  2. 3:27 The thin ice
  3. 5:46 Another brick in the wall P.1
  4. 9:01 The Happiest Days of our Lifes
  5. 10:50 Another brick in the Wall P.2
  6. 14:48 Mother 20:26 Goodbye Blue Sky
  7. 23:12Empty Spaces 25:20 Young Lust
  8. 28:50 One of My Turns
  9. 32:28 Dont Leave me Now
  10. 36:39Another Brick in the Wall
  11. 38:17 Goodbye cruel World


  1. 39:14 Hey You
  2. 44:00 Is There Anybody out There
  3. 46:36 Nobody Home
  4. 50:00 Vera
  5. 51:34Bring the Boys Back Home
  6. 53:00 Comfortably Numb
  7. 59:21 The Show Must Go On
  8. 1:01:00 In the Flesh
  9. 1:05:16 Run Like Hell
  10. 1:09:37 Waiting for the Worms
  11. 1:13:38 Stop
  12. 1:14:10 The Trial
  13. 1:19:31 Outside the Wall

Pink Floyd - The Wall

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